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There are 99 Jaguar XJ-S cars with owners in the database.














There are 11 Jaguar XJ-Ss with owners beginning with "A" in the database. Click on the owner's name to contact them via our email form.

Alan Barclay
Owns: SAJNV3847HC138615  

President - Jaguar Owners Assn. North Texas. First Jaguar owned in 1968. Total Jags Owned - Seven. Current Jags Owned - Three (70 E-Type FHC, 87 XJ-SC, 04 XJ8)

Updated April 26th, 2016. Not legal proof of ownership.

Alexander Magarian
Owns: SAJJNAEW4BM177556  

Updated February 15th, 2016. Not legal proof of ownership.

Andre M. Despreaux
Owns: SAJNX4743RC188222  

I love Jaguars

Updated June 25th, 2007. Not legal proof of ownership.

andrew breedon
Owns: SAJJNAEW3BC107414  

Updated December 22nd, 2008. Not legal proof of ownership.

Andy S.
Owns: 2W50028BW  

Just another Jaguar XJ-S addict in Minnesota USA. I love early black bumper cars. So far I have three 1975 XJ-S, a 1976 XJ-S and a 1978 XJ-S. Previously I had a 1986 XJ-SC and a 1988 XJS Coupe.

Updated August 3rd, 2018. Not legal proof of ownership.

Andy Strom
Owns: SAJNW4843NC183257  

Updated October 8th, 2020. Not legal proof of ownership.

Anton Schulz
Owns: SAJNV5844FC120565  

Male, 1958 from Denmark. Title: Senior Sales Manager (Telecom Business). Business profile available on LinkedIn.com - also present on PLAXO and Facebook

Updated February 14th, 2010. Not legal proof of ownership.

Art Polonsky
Owns: SAJNX5748RC193602  

Updated November 6th, 2012. Not legal proof of ownership.